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What is the point in editing?
Kit Sora
What is the point in editing?

If you really think about it, we spend about 10% of the time planning ahead, creating concepts, deciding on what props we will use, etc. Then we only spend another 10% of the time shooting, and the rest is post processing! Culling the images, adjusting our horizons, re-cropping, applying and tweaking presets, and so on. Of course the more images you take in a session, the longer the time editing. People neglect to remember that the finished product undergoes many different stages to get to that point, and we are so proud of it!

Now consider all the hard work you put into getting the perfect balance of colour and contrast, or that magical spot on black and white image with the right amount of emotion, and picture all of that coming to an end by running them through a printer at a large box store. Without a doubt, all of the long coffee-abused hours that you put into the images have been flushed down the chemical drain of that printer as it ignores everything you did previously and creates its own image!

Far too often in this day and age people are getting professional photographs printed at large box stores, only to come back complaining about the quality and the photo. ‘But they were professionally taken and did not look like this on my computer!’ is a common remark made upon receiving the finished photos the printer had the audacity to alter, and very few people understand why exactly that is.

The ugly truth about box store print locations is that they don’t really care about the quality or the colours of the images, but the bottom line- Profit. Printers that should have been retired or burned years ago are still being brought to shops as ‘new replacements’ because they are much cheaper to run, print tests and cleaning checks are neglected throughout the day/week/month/decade, and no one ever seems to know enough about what the printer is actually doing to properly train staff on how to attempt to fix any of these issues.


So why edit your photos? Why spend all of that time tucked away from the world to perfect someone’s precious moments when they’re not printing how you created them? There are a few answers! The first most obvious one is because it’s part of the job- People post to social media, and email files around, and of course you’ll likely want to use them for promoting your talent for future bookings. The online world is slowly but surely taking over, and you’re ready for it!

But grandma still wants a print; a physical, tangible photograph to hold, love, and look at over and over again as she sips her tea by the window with those photographs in a gorgeous vintage frame. Her -not green- photograph, which leads me to reason number two!

Newfoundland Canvas! We are here to make your photographer brain rest easy when you drop off or send in photos to print! You can leave your precious pieces with us knowing we will do everything we can to ensure it prints exactly as you saw it ingrained in your brain after staring at it for hours. We are an artsy family consisting of Professional Photographers, Painters, Graphic Designers, & Carpenters, so you know we care about the finished product as much as you do. We operate on the latest and greatest in printer technology, and our printers are checked and tested daily to confirm colours look how they should!

And there you have it! We are here to help you! So edit away to your hearts content! You’re not wasting your time, you’re doing you job, as we will do ours!

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