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Position: Full Time

Location: 37 Elizabeth Avenue, St. John’s.

Newfoundland Canvas is a creative studio with a dynamically talented team of professionals. Offering framing, printing, artwork, and design. Our team is energetic, driven and always up for a challenge. Our skills range from design in Adobe Illustrator to pencil on paper, from digital restoration to physical restoration, from fully manual to highly computerized manufacturing.

Learning will be through apprenticeship.

Activities can include:

  • Custom Picture Framing
    • Operating a computerized mat cutter
    • Cutting glass and substrates
    • Assembly of artwork into frames
    • Meticulous work requiring patience

    These activities all cary unique skills that are not required but would be an asset. As a team we develop new skills and abilities. Building on our current talents to learn through research and development. By providing opportunity and environment for creative development our company has grown against industry trends.

    Email your resume and impressive cover letter explaining why you would like to work with our team to adam@newfoundlandcanvas.com