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Luxe Fine Art Matt Paper

Heavy weight true matt German paper. No reflections and incredible detail.

4x6 Special - $0.34 for orders more than 150 4x6 prints







9 Wallets






More sizes available during upload.

Green Lab
No harmful chemicals used.

Easy Online Ordering
Upload & Pickup in a few days.

Writable Back
Keep track of your memories.

German Paper
Searched out by our team.


I had the same picture printed at two places. Top one in the white frame was printed at Newfoundland Canvas. Bottom was a large retail store. I'd heard that photographers recommend using Newfoundland Canvas but was amazed with the difference.

Seriously, get your pictures printed at Newfoundland Canvas. Supporting local business + way better product! — feeling impressed.

Sarah Sullivan

Meet Kit

Photo Lab Printcess
Need help using our photo kiosks? Kit has you covered. As a creative photographer, Kit has an eye for details and can help make suggestions on images and sizes. She makes it rain photo prints every day.